The new Woody Oven is the first all fuel portable pizza oven kit, capable of using pellets, kindling, coal and gas. Woody will reach 500°C in 15 minutes and cook a pizza in under 60 seconds.

Retaining all the revered features of their previous model, the new Woody improves on them; whilst maintaining the brand ethos of affordability. A complete Woody Oven kit will cost £239.99 and comes with all the essential tools you need, to cook delicious pizza in your garden, this Summer.

“When designing the updated version of the Woody Oven aesthetics along with improved functionality were paramount. With more people cooking outdoors and users demanding more features and versatility, we were tasked with creating something that could be used by more people - more frequently.” - John Ashcroft (Company Director)

With Woody the portable pizza oven become more than just a tool to cook pizza, it can cook vegetables, steam fish and even smoke meats. “This brings the question; which one is more versatile, the barbecue or the Woody Oven?”

Key Product Features
• All fuel: Pellet, Kindling, Coal & Gas.
• Comes as a complete kit: Includes Peel & Carry Cover.
• Reaches 500°C and cooks pizza in under 60 seconds.
• Portable - Weighs only 12.5kg.
• 3 Year Warranty as standard.
• Woody plants 10 Trees for each oven sold.

Available: Now - £239.99

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