Replacement - Chimney


Replacement locking chimney.

Replacement - Door


Replacement door (insulated) includes handle.

Replacement - Foot


Replacement plastic foot.

Replacement - Fuel Hopper


Replacement fuel hopper. Handle included.

Replacement - Fuel Tray


Replacement fuel tray. Handle & pellet grate included.

Replacement - Thermometer


Replacement door thermometer.

Woody Oven - 12" Perforated Pizza Peel (Pre-Order)


Woody Oven 12" Perforated Pizza Peel Add a second peel to your arsenal or replace your original Woody peel with a newer, fresher one. Created to the perfect dimensions for...

Woody Oven - 12" Pizza Stone (Pre-Order)


Woody Oven 12" Pizza Stone Replacement or spare pizza stone for the Woody Oven 12". This stone is also compatible with previous versions of the Woody Oven. Our stones are...

Woody Oven - Digital Thermometer (Pre-Order)


Woody Oven Digital Thermometer Woody Oven - Digital infrared thermometer, accurately measures the temperature of your pizza stone. Designed for the passionate home pizza chef, or when accuracy is of...

Woody Oven - Gas Burner Attachment (Pre-Order)


Woody Oven Gas Burner Attachment The 12” Gas Burner Attachment is designed for and perfectly compatible with the Woody Oven 12” Pizza Oven Kit. Transform your wood fired pizza oven...

Woody Oven - Kindling (Pre-Order)


Woody Oven Kindling Finally our own Kindling! Essential for longer burns and an even better wood fired taste. We often use our kindling in combination with our pellets - This...

Woody Oven - Pellets (Pre-Order)


Woody Oven Pellets Created from virgin British wood sourced from sustainable UK forests. These pellets burn quickly and efficiently, but most importantly clean. We source this wood UK from saw...

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